Sunday, October 4, 2015

Who Says No....

Hi Everyone!! Well I've been doing my best ever since I found out that you could contact different companies through email about sampling their products before buying OR even just shooting the companies that you know and already love one just to say thanks or "good job" and ask them to send you out some freebies, coupons or swag. I started this when I realized that living out in the desert was seriously prematurely aging me and I just couldn't afford to try new product all the trying to find the one that worked best for me. Someone suggested that I just write the companies that I was interest in and just request to try the products first. Well I did! And the response was over all very good and positive. Most just really wanted to know if I would do a review and many wanted to know if I had a blog so I decided to go ahead and start these to share my experience and maybe help guide some of you to have the same good time I've been having. If you're interested in what Iv'e been talking about so far you can check out my blogs where "They Said YES To The Sample"! :D Here: Krista's Lil SecretBig Company Freebies & Free Sample Boxes

If you would also like to join the fun and find out where ALL the Freebies are then come check out 
Freebies by CoCo!


BUT! That's not what this blog is all about. This is a blog of the companies that I got the sad no's from and why. I spend a lot of time scouring the internet and writing many companies to makes these list for you because I want you guys to have so much fun in doing this stuff too and don't want you to waste any precious time. So lets see who to avoid!.....

davines - Said: Dear Krista, thank you for contacting our online store. Unfortunately we do not offer free samples from our online store at this time. Samples are available for purchase in travel sizes and possibly for free in salons, depending on the location and their policy. We also suggest contacting the salon to determine the availability of the samples. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

WELLA - Said: 
 Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for contacting Procter and Gamble Professional Care Exclusive Lines. Unfortunately we do not have sample to send. We do however have a 60 day money back guarantee. When you purchase the product at a licensed beauty supply store or salon and kept your receipt you can get a full refund on the product.

Joico - Said: 
Dear Krista, Thank you for your interest in Joico! We are sorry to say that we do not have a sampling program in place at this time. For a Joico Salon in your area, click on this website, and then search Find A Salon.  Joico is also available at Ulta Salons.  Please contact ULTA Guest Services by calling 800-968-5823 or go to They will assist you with a salon location that is nearest to you. You can also purchase the hair care online at

Church & Dwight - Said: 
Dear Ms. Conway: Thank you for asking about consumer samples. While samples and coupons are not currently available to send, we invite you to visit to join our Corporate mailing list. Also, occasionally we run coupons for many of our products in Sunday newspaper inserts or popular magazines.  We suggest you look in these places for advertisements we might be running in your area in the near future.

Attune Foods - Said: 
Hi Krista, Unfortunately we do not have the capability to send out samples but I will send out some coupons today for you. Have a great day ( Which is actually fine by me lol )

ESCADA - Said: 
Krista, we appreciate your interest in continuing to us our Fine Fragrance products! Unfortunately, we don’t have samples to send from here. Please visit the individual fragrance website to find out if samples are currently available. If no samples are currently available on the website you may want to try your local department stores that sell fine fragrances.  

Barilla Pasta - 
Ciao Krista, We're so happy to hear you are enjoying our products! At this time the coupons we have available are for when you purchase our Protein PLUS®, Whole Grain, Veggie, White Fiber, or Gluten Free pasta as well as our New Pasta Pronto. Additionally you will be receiving a coupon for our Wasa Crispbread. Often times we may also offer coupons on our website as well as occasionally in the coupon insert of your Sunday paper. Please visit for more information.

Van Cleef & Apparels  - Said: Dear Ms. Conway, Thank you for your message and interest in Van Cleef & Arpels. In regard to your request, we unfortunately do not provide samples of our fragrances. However, our fragrances may be found in our Boutiques or at high-end retailers such as Neiman Marcus.

Suki Skin Care - Said: 
hi, thanks for writing!  we offer free samples with every order! all retail locations should have testers & samples to try.  please visit our store locator to find someone near you! additionally we offer suki® to-go sizes & trial kits for every skin type.

Crabtree & Evelyn - Said: 
Dear Ms. Conway, Thank you for your inquiry and your interest in purchasing from Crabtree & Evelyn. We have a wonderful arrangement of samples that are available for purchase on our website:

21 Drops - Said: 
Hi Krista! Thank you for your interest in 21 Drops! If you are interested in receiving samples of our products, the best thing to do is to sign up for our Inner Circle. Not only will you receive samples, but you will be the first to know about any special promotions or events. You can follow the link below to sign up:

Skin For Life - Said: They are only for professionals.

IsaDora - Said: 
Dear Krista Thank you for your email and your interest in IsaDora. Unfortunately we dont have any samples that we can send you.

DDFSkincare - Said: 
Good Morning, Unfortunately, we do not have samples to offer at this time. Please visit our website at and register to receive our DDF Skincare email blasts which notify participants of new upcoming events, new products, specials/promotions, etc.

OBAGI Skin - Said: Thank you for your inquiry. Obagi skin care products contain prescription-strength formulations and are available only through physicians, medical spas, and other skin care and medical professionals so unfortunately, we don't send samples. We are so sorry for this inconvenience. If you are still interested in trying out products, we recommend you visit your physician or skin care professional to discuss your options. If you do not have a skin care professional, please go to our website, and enter in your zip code to find a physician that is close to you.

Hylunia - Said: 
Thank you for your interest in Hylunia! While we do not send out samples, our travel kits have sample sized products in them and would give you a good idea as to whether they are a good fit for your skin type or not. The kits come in Age Defying, Blemish Control , Hydrating and a Daily Balance. The prices range from $25.00 - $45.00. Again, thank you for your interest in Hylunia!

Acure Organics - Said: Thank you for your interest in ACURE!  Unfortunately, we do not currently have product samples available. However because we understand how important it can be to try before you buy, we supply our retail partners with ample testers for you to be able to easily experience the product before investing. The product assortment in each store may vary by location, so consider calling the store to ensure the specific products you want to try are available. For locations near you, please use the store locator on our website.

Eminence Organics - Said: Thank you for your email and interest in Eminence!
 We provide samples to each of the locations carrying Eminence to have you pick them up from them. Below is the closest location to your area carrying Eminence. You can also go in and have a Skin Therapist take a look at your skin to recommend which products would be the best fit for you.

OZ Naturals - Said: Thank you so much for getting in touch. We don't provide free samples, but we do offer a 30-day money back guarantee, so that you can purchase with confidence.Something that might also be of interest to you is our 5-Star Review Club. We are always interested in high quality reviews, and offer our Review Club members full-size products in exchange for an honest review. You can get more information and sign up by visiting OZ Naturals Facebook page, or contacting us through our website:  We hope you will become a member!

Eden Song Organics - Said: We do not provide samples at this time. Thanks for your interest.
In an effort to keep our prices reasonable considering the very high quality and cost of the ingredients we use we do not give away free samples. Trial Size versions of our fragrances can be purchased from our website. 

ZOEVA - Said: Unfortunately, we do not offer discount or voucher codes for our products.

Lalicious - Said: Thank you for your request.  Unfortunately, we are unable to send samples.  If you place an order with us, we include a sample with each order placed.

Body Merry - Said: Thank you so much for your interest in Body Merry and our products! I am so sorry to hear about your skin concerns from all that moving but I can absolutely relate. I used to live in Nebraska where the winters are horrendous and dry and my skin hated it. I now live in the humid tropics of Florida and unless my skin is at 100% moisture, it's upset.
We would absolutely love for you to try some of our products and review them on your blog! As of right now, we don't offer sample sizes as best results are typically seen when customers use the entire bottle or jar of the product. I am more than happy to get you a few discount codes to give some of our products a try. Did you have some in mind?

Justin Blair Co - Said: Thank you for your interest, but we are not entertaining reviews at this time.


  1. Coca Cola said no. oca-Cola: Unfortunately, we do not have coupons or other product samples available to send to you. We certainly appreciate your interest and suggest checking your local newspaper or supermarket flyers for coupons or specials.

    1. This is Cherokee btw :)

    2. Thank you!!! Good to know! :D Cute user name :)

  2. A&W said the same thing as coca cola

  3. A&W said the same thing as coca cola

  4. All proctor and gamble associated brands gave me the exact same email.. Basically they already work with bloggers and are currently not looking to expand their circle.

  5. Image Skincare: Hello!

    Thank you for contacting us! Unfortuantley at this time we are out of stock of our complimentary samples. Please see the link below where select trial kits are available for purchase for a limited time!

    If you have any questions, please let me know!

    Thank you,
    Chara Lastella

  6. Vicky Avery: Thank you for your interest in our products.
    At this time we are unable to provide samples.
    You will find our products available in national retailers such as Walgreen’s, CVS, Target and Walmart.

    Thank you again for your interest. :(

  7. Colgate - Said: Dear Iris:

    Thank you for contacting us with your question. Your interest in our company and our products is greatly appreciated.
    We are pleased that you took the time to contact us with your interest in reviewing our products for your blog. Colgate does work with brand advocates and other consumers in the social media space to review and share news about our products. We've gone ahead and forwarded your information to the agency that manages this effort for us. They will be in touch with you should an opportunity arise.

    In the meantime, you can get access to many special offers by registering for our eNewsletter, Colgate Smiletalk. Click on the link below to sign up.

    Once again, thank you for taking the time to contact us. We hope this information is helpful.

  8. Shea Moisturizer said no, that you can only buy it through their website.